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June 05, 2024

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Australian clothing brands

As a nomad who works online in fashion, discovering Australian fashion brings me great joy. These Australian fashion designers are my true source of inspiration, keeping my dreams alive.

Although this blog will also cater to individual aesthetics and practical designs, I will also talk about the art chosen by each of these fashion designers.

Australian fashion has many styles to suit everyone, from bold to simple. Here are some great designers.

Most Expensive Australian Fashion Designers In 2024 

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the designers and the Australian fashion designer.

1. Dion Lee: Modern and Chic 

Dion Lee’s designs show modern beauty with smooth lines and flow.

His clothes are literally like art you can wear. But at the same time, this style is perfect for someone like me who travels and works. His suits and dresses show grace and confidence and are great for a nomad’s wardrobe. 

Especially when you have an impromptu online interview for which you have to sit; although they have some quite good elegant pieces, I am more inclined towards their stylish casual denim styles.

2. Zimmermann: Romantic and Free

Zimmermann makes clothes that feel like a dreamy getaway. If you love the Bridgerton series and love the new looks, Zimmermann is the place for you.

Their delicate lace and flowing outfits create a love for travel and freedom.

For a nomad like me, Zimmermann’s clothes are comfy and stylish. They are not very formal, especially when I need a much-needed beach day. Whether working in a café or exploring the beautiful land, Zimmermann’s clothes mix luxury and a free spirit, bringing fun to my daily wear. 

3. Camilla and Marc: Stylish and Modern

Camilla and Marc are great at making modern fashion both cool and sophisticated. Their array of options ranges from stylish smart casuals to chic athleisure. Their simple but stylish designs match my love for clothes with convenience.

With just a simple change of upper layer or adding a jacket, the outfit can go from day to night easily. As someone who likes simple but elegant things, I always pick Camilla and Marc’s fitted jackets and smart dresses for work or casual hangouts (with my new friends from the land down under).

This is among one of the Australian fashion designers who focus on small details and making high-quality clothes makes them a must-have in any traveler’s closet, offering classic clothes that show confidence and class.

4. Romance Was Born: Fun and Artistic

Romance Was Born is known for its fun and artistic approach to fashion. Run by designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett, the brand celebrates creativity with bright prints, bold colors, and dramatic designs.

Every collection of his tells a different story, inspiring people to embrace their uniqueness and self-expression. From vagabond chic to artistic inspiration from different cultures and artistic expressions, Romance Was Born gives a new view on fashion to surreal nomadic culture.

Whether going to fashion events or exploring local art scenes, their creative designs leave a lasting impact and spark creativity.  Fair warning: their set of styles is quite bold and might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

5. Toni Maticevski: Beautiful Shapes

By the name, you can guess this man knows how to play with silhouettes. Toni Maticevski is famous for turning fashion into clothes representing art in modern attire. However, they are easy to wear, with many folds and shapes providing a neo-fashion touch to traditional silhouettes.

Street elegance is his style of choice. It allows busy people to move easily while looking their absolute best. As someone who moves around and works in different places, Maticevski’s clothes make people look classy and nice.

Whether it’s his pretty dresses or smart suits, everything he makes looks sure of itself and is not too loud, making it good for big moments and jobs.

6. Akira Isogawa: A Fashion Artist

If you are in love with traditional Japanese prints and textures and would like to respectfully incorporate those in your style, then you should gravitate towards Akira’s designs.  

If you are a nomad who likes durable clothes and unique fashion, we suggest visiting the nearby store.

Yes, the clothes are a little on the pricier side. But it also adds to sustainability. You are not contributing to fast fashion, and with the quality, you should be able to utilize it for longer. He also designs his clothing carefully and shows his art in each piece.

7. Alice McCall: Free and Modern

Alice McCall’s designs are free-flowing, cool, and new and smart. She uses fun patterns, soft lace, and loose shapes that make you think of travel, tapping into your light feminine energy.

If you are a nomad and like being in different places, Alice McCall’s clothes are easy to wear and look good. They are not your typical party wear. However, they are making their way as street style fashion. You can wear her designs during the day and even at night.

8. Ellery: Fashion Forward

This Australian clothing brand is all about pushing boundaries and breaking the rules in fashion. Kym Ellery founded the brand for its unique shapes, exaggerated sizes, and adventurous mix of textures.

For someone who loves bold fashion and cutting-edge design, this is one of the Australian fashion designers perfectly blend art and innovation. Whether it’s dramatic sleeves on blouses or surprising details on trousers, Ellery’s clothes demand attention and show confidence, making them great for events and collaborations.

9. Ginger & Smart: Modern Elegance

Ginger & Smart represents modern elegance, focusing on fancy fabrics, creative designs, and eco-friendly practices. Founded by sisters Alexandra and Genevieve Smart, the brand combines style with effortlessly dedication to the environment.

For a traveler who cares about fashion and the planet, Ginger & Smart’s collections provide guilt-free fashion.

Whether their well-tailored suits for business or sustainable dresses for nights out, each piece reflects a commitment to quality and ethical fashion, making them a top choice in the digital world.

10. Christopher Esber: Simple Elegance

People love Christopher Esber’s simple style and careful work. His clothes show luxury in an understated way, with neat lines, gentle textures, and new ways of making things.

For a person who is always moving and wants basic clothes that go with everything, Esber’s collections have flexible pieces that focus on comfort and style.

Whether it’s his formal jackets for work or flowing dresses for relaxed outings, Esber’s simple and elegant style connects with those who like classic beauty and ease in their clothes. 

Final Note!  

Finding Australian fashion designers as a traveler gives lots of style ideas. It shows the different creativity in Australia’s fashion world. Each maker has a unique view on fashion, suiting different tastes and lives.

They push creative limits. If you want daily clothes or standout pieces for your web fashion work, these makers mix art and practicality in modern Aussie fashion. 

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