10 Best Officeworks Desks In 2024


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June 20, 2024

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Officeworks desks

I travel and work with a computer. Finding a good desk is important for staying productive and comfy. Whether I’m in a tiny flat, a busy coworking space, or a quiet beach, or a campsite, the best officework desks matter. 

After many years of working on the go, I have found the right trick to always be comfortable when working. Always carry your own office desk wherever you are working. The familiarity of your desk, matched with the comfort, psychologically helps you become more productive.

Especially for people who have special mental conditions like ADHD and OCD. A good office desk can act as a placebo, helping them concentrate better.

As a digital nomad in Australia, I loved working with the beach in view. I also sometimes took my workstation to a serene campsite to do some offline work. However, no view can be as great if you are uncomfortable.

After years of work, I was able to curate a list of office desks that will always help maintain your comfort level. So, here is a list of the best officework desks.

Best Officeworks Desks

These are some of the desks that I have used throughout my journey. But you can always pick one based on what is comfortable for you.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the listicle!

1. Foldable Laptop Table 

This is a light and portable desk that can be carried anywhere. It is ideal for working in bed when you just want to curl up in the covers, on the sofa, or even on the ground (because sometimes that is the most comfortable). It has an adjustable height to lessen strain on your neck and back.

2. Standing Desk Converter 

One of the versatile and best officeworks desks can be positioned on any table and adjusted to stand while working. Sitting for too long might sound comfortable, but muscle cramps are inevitable. Therefore, sometimes standing is a better posture.

It helps reduce the risk of back pain from sitting for a long time. Plus, its small size makes it easy to move. You can easily set a minimal treadmill under the desk. Good work, and a great workout!

3. Collapsible Desk 

Among the best office work desks, this is a fan favourite. They are sturdy to work with but then fold flat for storage and transport. Again, they are an excellent choice for small spaces.

Despite being foldable, they still provide a solid work surface and are spacious for all your office items. 

4. Lap Desk with Cushion 

You do not want to sit at an office desk all the time. Sometimes, it is more comfortable to relax in a beach recliner, especially in Australia.

However, it is unhealthy to keep your laptop on your lap. There should be some solid surface dividing the two. 

One of the best officeworks desks is a small portable one with a cushion. It is great for working on your lap.

It also has a slot for your phone, coffee cup, and a built-in mouse pad. It’s perfect for changing work spots, like a sofa or a park, when one space gets too monotonous.

5. Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Desk 

It gets the work time when needed, and you can always fold them away to make the most of the space in your temporary residence.

Especially if you want your desk near a window but do not want to occupy the entire open area.

It is ideal for small living spaces and provides a sturdy work surface. Additionally, when you put it down, it looks neat and minimal. 

6. Table for Travel 

Being an Australian, I loved to set up my workstation at different campsites, truly working amidst nature for some tranquillity. Made for camping, this table is light and strong.

It’s easy to set up and works well inside and out. Its tough build means it can handle many places, making it good for nomads who work in nature. 

7. Portable Stand Desk Cart 

This desk can easily move around, letting you change where you work. It can also be raised according to when you are sitting, or standing.

The wheels underneath also help you carry it around the house, especially without having to continuously shift the desktop items from one place to another.

This is one of the best officeworks desks for those who like to change their work spot every hour.

8. Small Writing Desk 

A simple, small desk that fits in small spots. It’s solid and has room for your laptop and other stationary items.

A good pick for those who need a work spot without taking up too much space.

This could also be a good officedesk for temporary usage. It can also act as a great reading space for the evenings when you want to relieve your stress, and get some me time.

9. Fold the Wall Desk With A Shelf

This desk folds out and backs up but also has a built-in shelf. It’s a good pick for a small room; it provides both use and looks nice.

You can keep your important office work items and stationery right within reach.

10. Plain Wood Desk 

A basic wood desk? How can it be one of the best officeworks desks?

They are comfortable and aesthetically perfect. If you are a fan of home decor and do not want your office desk to be too minimalistic, a simple wooden desk is your choice.

Especially when you can choose through an array of desks, it gives a clean and strong work spot and mixes with any style.

Final Words! 

For nomads, the right desk can make work life easy. These ten picks have everything to fit your special requirements, from moving and small size to changeable height and ease.  

For people who work online and go around, finding the right desk can change how well you work. Therefore, make a good pick; your desk will be a big part of your workstation, no matter where you set it.

Plus, keeping some small and portable ones as an option gives you the ease to carry your officedesks at remote places.

Which one did you pick? Let us know in the comment section below!

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