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What Are The Expectations From Couple’s Counselling?


By Arnab  |

June 01, 2024

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What are the expectations from couple’s counseling? Let me give you an account of my personal experience.

My partner and I have been traveling around Australia for the last year, from busy Sydney to relaxing Byron Bay beaches. We are digital nomads, and while we have many perks, it also comes with some challenges.

Especially in keeping healthy relationships while on the road, we decided to try relationship counselling to improve our connection and communication. If you ever wondered what relationship counseling is like, if it works, or whether you should go for one, here are the experiences and insights we have gained.

What To Expectations From Couple’s Counseling?

First off, what is relationship counseling?

It is a type of therapy to help couples recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship. This is different than personal thereapist where you sit individually. For relationship counseling you need to sit with your partner.

Trained therapists will facilitate discussions and work with the couple on better ways of communicating with one another and finding solutions to any problems. Be it major issues or just wanting to ensure you strengthen your connection more – relationship counselling is definitely something that should be on everyone’s minds.

Our Journey and Expectations From Couple’s Counseling 

Being digital nomads, we face challenges across the board. Constant travel, different work schedules, and the stresses of being in new places all conspire to test any relationship.

However, ever since leaving the UK to travel, we have found ourselves bickering more frequently and having communication problems, so we have sought help. Especially as digital nomads in Australia, the pressure of backpacking, always being on the go, and finding new accommodations can sometimes take a toll on our patience.

We decided to get a relationship counsellor. It doesn’t mean there was something wrong with us. It just meant we needed a moderator to remove the unecessary misconceptions.

We found a counsellor who does online sessions, which is perfect for us living out of a backpack. This meant that we could still be on the road whilst taking some time out to work on our relationship. Following our first session with her, it felt like a weight off my shoulders, and we knew straight away that it was the right step towards fixing what wasn’t working.

First Time Counseling

Initially, I was nervous; I wasn’t sure what to expect. The counsellor put my partner and me at ease. She asked us both about our relationship history, for example, why we were facing relationship issues, etc.

It was a very safe space; there was no judgment, and you could say how you felt freely. So, the first initial meeting is about understanding you as a couple and your reason for seeking therapy.

One thing we appreciated was that our counsellor didn’t take sides. Instead, she helped us see things from each other’s perspective. This was incredibly enlightening and helped us understand each other better.

In the first few sessions, we identified the core issues in our relationship. We discussed communication patterns, individual needs, current conflicts, and recurring problems, which helped us see what was really going on.

Couple Counseling & Communication Skills

A large chunk of expectations of couple’s counseling time has been spent improving communication between us. It’s been a revelation! We are learning how to express our feelings and needs more clearly and how to listen with empathy.

Even simple adjustments like using ‘I’ instead of ‘you’, for example, “I feel really upset when…” as opposed to “You always…” have shifted things hugely.

Helped Us Set Goals

Our counsellor helped us set realistic and achievable goals for our relationship.

Whether spending more quality time together or addressing issues like trust or intimacy, having clear goals gave us a sense of direction.

Developing Strategies: We were given practical strategies to deal with our issues. This included conflict resolution techniques, ways to keep the romance alive, and tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance especially as digital nomads. Similalry your startegies will be tailored to you & your partner’s lifestyle.


Unexpected expectations from couple’s counseling?


Yes, there’s homework!

But don’t worry, it’s not like school. These assignments were designed to help us practice what we learned during our sessions. For instance, we had to plan a date night without any gadgets to reconnect on a deeper level.

Ease With Communication

Better communication was perhaps the greatest benefit we noticed. We have learned to talk openly about our feelings and concerns without feeling judged or fearing conflict. It has certainly brought us closer, minimized those unnecessary misunderstandings, and kept us better connected.

What More Expectations From Couple’s Counselling

Over time, counselling helped us better appreciate each other’s needs and perspectives, making us more empathetic and supportive partners.

Conflict Resolution: We have learned effective ways to resolve conflicts without letting them grow. This has reduced the frequency and intensity of our arguments.

Stronger Bond: Our relationship is stronger and more resilient now. We feel more connected and committed.

Personal Growth: Relationship counselling also promoted personal growth. We became more self-aware and learned to manage our emotions better.

Be Open and Honest: For counselling to be effective, you must be open and honest about your feelings and concerns. Don’t hold back.

Be Patient: Change doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with the process and with each other.

Practice What You Learn: Apply the techniques and strategies you learn in counselling daily. Practice makes perfect.

Stay Committed: Relationship counselling requires commitment from both partners. Make sure you’re both dedicated to making it work.

Final Thoughts

The best decision we made was to give relationship counselling a try.

Now, we have the tools to continue improving our communication, resolving conflicts, and having regular tune-ups whenever needed. As digital nomads, it’s so easy to get caught up in travel and fun but forget to put that same energy into making sure the relationship stays strong. With our counsellor’s help, travel will no longer be an excuse.

If you’re thinking about relationship counselling and wondering about the expectations from Couple’s counseling, I say go get it!

It doesn’t matter if your issues are huge or if you just want to make good stuff even better. Every couple has their valleys… hills, and mountains! So, here’s to love and adventure!

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