Top 10 Famous Asian Recipes Restaurant In Australia


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May 10, 2021

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Australian-siders are truly and well spoilt for choices due to the broad range of Asian cuisine that is served in Australia. With so many Asian restaurants spread throughout the city of Asia, you will not fail to get the desired Asian food. Whether your craving is for the crispy freshness of the San Bao, steamed dumplings from the yam cha cart, or a comforting bowl of laksa, you will not fail to get the desired meal. This article looks at the most famous restaurants that serve Asian recipes in Australia. You can enjoy your meal at any of these locations. 

10 Famous Restaurant in Australia that Serves Asian Recipes

There are so many restaurants in Australia that serve Asian recipes. However, you have to be extremely careful when making a choice. Some of these eateries specialize in offering traditional Asian delicacies while others serve modern Asian food. 

The choice of the restaurant virtually depends on your dining needs. Here are the top 10 famous Asian recipes restaurants in Australia. 

1. Chefs Gallery

Chefs GalleryWould you like to experience some fancy eating of modern Chinese cuisine that has an inventive spark of the Pan-Asian flavors with the setting of a gallery? As the name suggests, Chefs Gallery offers this unique dining experience. 

It offers a blend of art and food and one that you have to try as an Australian sider. There are several pieces of artwork on display throughout the hotel for sale. The delicate dumplings and stretched noodles form part of the signature dishes. 

2. Zilver

Zilver Zilver is a great place to go for Asian chicken recipes. The restaurant has been running as a Cantonese restaurant in Sydney for more than ten years. It is highly prized for the long yum or sum dim and the la carte menus.  

You can choose from the Peking duck pancakes, congee, and steamed pork dumplings and then finish up with some mango pudding. It is a good place to experience modern Cantonese cuisine in style. 

3. Long Chim Sydney

Long Chim SydneyThe experience that you get at Long Chim resembles that of dining on authentic Australian street food that is Thai-inspired. David Thompson, one of the most favorite chefs in Australia, offers creative direction to this restaurant.

Long Chim also channels the vibrancy and buzz that brings the alleyways and streets of Thai alive during the night. You should never leave this place before trying out one of the several moreish cocktails. 

4. Zushi Barangaroo

Zushi BarangarooZushi Barangaroo has an uber-inventive take on Japanese cuisine and striking waterfront views. It is among the popular restaurants in Australia that offer very popular dining destinations for Australian recipes. 

There is always an exciting and new thing that you can try in this place given the tapas-inspired menu of the delectable bite-size dishes. The restaurant has a polished Japanese dining style that has no price tag. 

5. Longrain Sydney

Longrain SydneyThis Asian recipe restaurant was among the first movers and shakers of Sydney in introducing the true flavors of the South East to the Australian table. Longrain Sydney still remains to be an iconic favorite to most diners up to date.  

The chefs here really know how to balance dishes that burst with fresh and aromatic spicy tones. The best way of completely exploring the complete range of flavor combinations is by choosing the tasting menu. 

6. China Diner Bondi

China Diner BondiChina Diner is a strolling distance from the iconic Beach of Bondi. The foods that are served here have long-standing South East Asian and Chinese influences. 

It has two dining spaces that channel the sea-side calm ambiance. It includes a cocktail bar and a laid-back dinner at the front section. The back section has a formal dining room that is inspired by the 1930s. 

7. INDU Dining

INDU DiningINDU is a great celebration of flavor-some and home Indian cuisine. The place also brings up the philosophy of community and togetherness. It embraces the Indian township’s village culture. 

The creative array of Asian recipes that this restaurant offers brings up a generosity of spirit. INDU forms part of the famous Sam Prince Hospitality Group. It works with the certified charity Palmera to offer support back to the Indian villages. 

8. Ms. G’S

Ms. G’SChef Dan Hong really knows how to give diners treats when it comes to Asian recipes. Therefore, there is so much that you can expect from this restaurant. The facility runs across four floors and has neon lights that produce a rosy red glow. 

It is adorned by the street light as the light bounces off the adorned walls. It is a great spot to dine, wine, and soak up in the best Asian recipes in Australia. 

9. China Doll

China DollThis hotel is located in Head Chef Frank Shek which is among the highly demanded real estate strips of the restaurant. The team here brings in modern interpretations of Asian classics to the Woolloomooloo Wharf in Sydney. 

It has a creative fusion of attributes that takes their inspiration from the rustic food vendors on the streets to the rich banquets that serve an exciting and diverse spectrum of dishes including Asian chicken recipes. 

10. La Mint

La MintLan Mint combines the flavors of Vietnamese and French perfectly. It has a tranquil balance of buttery bold and rich flavors. If you enjoy the zesty vibrancy of citrus and spices of the traditional cooking of Vietnamese, you will really love what you get from La Mint. Its fusions are two styles of cuisines that are very different that marries them together perfectly. 


These are the most famous restaurants in Australia that serve Asian recipes. You can be sure of enjoying both traditional and contemporary dishes depending on your needs. The most important thing is to choose the right place to dine. You will really enjoy what you get from these famous dining spots. 

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