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June 20, 2024

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As a digital nomad in Australia, you will likely miss authentic Asian food. Right? Wrong! Because it is home to some of the famous Asian restaurants in Australia.

From Korean to Thai to classic Chinese to Japanese, these restaurants have it all covered. Whether you want San Bao, yam cha dumplings, or laksa, our list of Asian restaurants has it all.

So, without any further ado, we can look at some of the best spots for these recipes.

10 Famous Asian Restaurant in Australia that Serves Asian Recipes

According to personal experience, here are the top ten famous Asian restaurants in Australia.

1. Chefs Gallery

Chefs GalleryChef’s Gallery is known for its new way of making Chinese food. It is not just food but also an experience accompanied by art.
It is in all the big cities in Australia and mixes cooking with artistic skills.

If we are talking about highlights, why not try their small dumplings filled with pork, prawn, or greens (this restaurant also has great vegetarian options)?

Top them with fresh noodles; you have a party in your tastebuds!

This place is as much about art as it is about food. Enjoy art and aesthetics with a delicious dinner!

2. Zilver


Zilver in Sydney has kept its name as a spot for authentic Cantonese food for ten years. The menu brings the true Cantonese flavours from the northern lands.

They are all covered from light har gow (shrimp dumplings) to tasty siu mai (pork dumplings). They also serve Peking duck pancakes and soft congee topped with egg and pork floss. End your food with a sweet mango pudding mix. It’s not very Cantonese, but it’s equally delicious!

3. Long Chim, Sydney

Long Chim SydneyLong Chim brings the strong taste of Thailand’s street food to Sydney with the help of chef David Thompson, and the menu reminds me of Thai food from Bangkok’s night markets.

Try their green curry with soft chicken and Thai basil, or if you are in the mood for salivating delights, try their spicy papaya salad with peanuts and lime. This place is also famous for its original cocktail/mocktail menus.

So, match your food with one of their mixed drinks, specially made to fit the strong tastes of Thai cuisine.

4. Zushi, Barangaroo

Zushi BarangarooZushi Barangaroo has a new take on Japanese food in Sydney’s waterfront area. Their menu has a mix of small dishes that show Japan’s soft & sophisticated taste buds. Famous for their seafood platters, these people serve some of the freshest seafood. I mean, why not?

The Sydney dock is right there. Try small things like crispy prawns, fresh sashimi plates, and grilled skewers. Their cool and new place makes eating there well for both easy eaters and those needing a special meal.

5. Longrain, Sydney

Longrain SydneyLongrain Sydney is a big part of Sydney’s food scene and quite a busy tourist spot. So, we suggest getting a reservation beforehand. It is known for its strong and good Southeast Asian tastes.

Each dish serves a perfect bite of sweet, strong, and sour taste every time. Asian food is not something we associate with salads. But Longrain is also famous for its salads with a twist. Yes, they are healthy but clearly not boring.

6. China Diner, Bondi

China Diner BondiThis Chinese diner is near Bondi Beach. It mixes Southeast Asian and Chinese flavors, so you get the heat of Chinese cuisine but also the creamy, herby taste of Southeastern flavors.

Their crunchy soft-shell crab with tangy sauce was so good that I still dream about it sometimes! The restaurant has two dining spaces, a casual area and a fancy dining room, making it perfect for every occasion.

7. INDU Dining

INDU DiningThis is among the famous Asian restaurants in Australia which celebrates flavor and community. INDU Dining celebrates lively Indian flavours because yes, this country also contributes to the diversity of Asian flavours.

Their specialty is honoring Indian village food traditions. Part of Sam Prince Hospitality Group, INDU serves spicy curries and unknown Indian dishes from the eastern and southern parts of the country.

If you are a little tired of the North Indian buttery and tandoori flavours, find a seat at INDU. In addition to serving delicious food, this restaurant also helps charities with Palmera. 

8. Ms. G’S

Ms. G’SMs. G’s is a fun place to eat Asian food. Decked with four floors with bright lights. This is that vibrant place to be with your friends when you are in the mood for a little party.

Chef Dan Hong leads the kitchen, and this man truely knows his art. Their menu has crispy pork belly baos and Vietnamese rice paper rolls. You must also try something basic and satisfying, like Korean fried chicken with spicy glaze with a side of sake.

9. China Doll

China DollChina Doll sits by Woolloomooloo Wharf in Sydney. They give a fresh, modern spin to classic Asian food. An excellent choice if you want to try Assuie flavours-infused Asian food.

Chef Frank Shek makes crispy duck with plum sauce and steamed dumplings, and it is no wonder they are a fan favourite. The place also boasts a great view and a lively atmosphere with locals.

10. La Mint

La MintLa Mint mixes Vietnamese with French cuisine. A unique blend of rich and zesty flavours. Contrary to popular belief, they are truely not offending any French or Vietnamese group.

Because the chefs know how to be true to the authentic flavours while infusing the two, plus, with that burst of flavours in your taste buds, you cannot even be mad at anyone. Plus, the place has calm vibes, perfect for rejuvenating after a long day of work.

Top dishes to try at Famous Asian Restaurants in Australia

Here are some of the top dishes you can try in these famous Asian restaurants in Australia.

Chefs Gallery: Tasty dumplings like Prawn and Pork Jiaozi and long noodles.

Zilver: Peking Duck Pancakes with crispy skin and soft meat. Steamed Pork Dumplings with savory filling.

Long Chim Sydney: Fragrant Green Curry with Chicken and Spicy Som Tum (Papaya Salad).

Zushi Barangaroo: Crispy Tempura Prawns with tangy sauce and fresh Sashimi Platter. 

Longrain Sydney: Tasting Menu of Red Curry with Duck and Herb Salad with Lime Dressing.

China Diner Bondi: Crispy Soft-Shell Crab and iconic Peking Duck Pancakes.

INDU Dining: Flavorful Lamb curry with aromatic spices and Malabar-style fish curry.

Ms. G’s: Korean Fried Chicken with spicy Gochujang glaze and Crispy Pork Belly Baos.

China Doll: Crispy Duck with Plum Sauce and delicate Steamed Dumplings with prawn.

La Mint: Fragrant Pho with tender beef and Crispy Vietnamese Pancakes. 

These dishes show diverse options at these famous Asian restaurants in Australia, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

The Final Note! 

These famous Asian restaurants in Australia not only display the variety and depth of Asian food but also offer unforgettable dining experiences.

You can enjoy classic Cantonese dim sum, lively Thai street food, or creative Japanese tapas. Basically, whatever Asian food your heart desires. Explore the culinary adventure at these well-known spots and relish the tastes that make Australia indeed a centre for Asian cuisine. Happy Dining!

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