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10 Famous Australian Entrepreneurs Of 2021

10 Famous Australian Entrepreneurs Of 2021

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Are you willing to start your own business? Are you looking for some inspiration for your entrepreneurial journey? Do you like to know the store of famous Australian Entrepreneurs? Well, then you are in the right place.

Whenever we start walking in the opposite direction while a huge part of the world goes in another direction, the journey becomes more challenging. This is the time when we look for inspiration. And there is nothing more inspiring than going through the journey of famous people. 

Famous Australian Entrepreneurs 

Here, in this article, I will tell you a brief story about the 10 famous Australian Entrepreneurs of 2021. From their starting journey to the path they have finally fixed today, you will get to know a lot about them. So, let’s get started. 

1. Graham Hawkins

No, I am definitely not going to talk about the famous football player. You must have heard of SalesTribe. Graham Hawkins is the sole founder and CEO of this brilliant company. He is the thinker of this global community for sales professionals. 

He is one of those Australian entrepreneurs, who always stressed on content marketing. And he does the same for his venture as well. He is really fast in adopting the new change that our world is asking for during the global pandemic and has totally ready to come us with some amazing ideas. 

2. Lloyd Ernst 

The Chief Executive Officer of Cloudstaff, Lloyd Ernst, is considered the Internet pioneer of Australia. Every list of famous Australian entrepreneurs has his name all the time. He was also the founder of WebCentral.

This company became a leading innovator in the world of web hosting and also won several awards and recognitions. In the year 2003, and 2004 won the Microsoft Global Hosting Company award. 

3. Aaron Hornlimann

Aaron Hornlimann is the co-founder and CEO of Elenium Automation. His company usually deals with the automation requirements of airports and airlines. They ensure the safety of fliers. In a recent interview, Aaron has said his venture specifically focuses on safety, so the people can start flying again after this global pandemic. 

He is one of those Australian entrepreneurs who are currently wanting to give the hospital and health sector really special attention while manufacturing their products as the global pandemic has affected it in a wide way. 

4. Jenn Donovan

Jenn Donovan is the co-founder of Spend with us. In case you are planning to start a small business, then she is one of the Australian entrepreneurs who will be able to actually help you to the core. 

She is also the podcaster and keynote speaker of the show Small Business Made Simple. Her Australia’s marketplace spends with us is dedicatedly supporting only the rural and regional business. 

She is also known for a massively successful Facebook group, Buy From a Bash Business. This community has more than 310,000 members. 

5. Ash Denman

Ash Denman is one of the young Australian entrepreneurs who started their success journey from a really young age. He is the co-founder and also the managing director of Greenpoint Media.

The way he reflects and focuses on a positive vibe and energy, we all should definitely learn from him. He always asks the young generation to have faith in themselves and work to bring the change that they actually want to see.

Whenever you feel that your energy level is decreasing and you are feeling out of encouragement, an interview video or article by Ash Denman will always cheer you up instantly. 

6. Andrea Kowalski

Andrea Kowalski is the General Partner at Tidal Ventures. She is one of the famous Australian entrepreneurs who have successfully made it up to this level. This amazing woman shares an excellent mindset and thinking towards sustainability. 

During the global pandemic, when all of us were struggling to manage our life properly in that tough situation. Andrea shows her followers a new way of existence. She managed her organization with people of different positions and generations.

In addition to this, she also made sure that all of them are learning an innovative way of working in that tough situation by combining the past and present working culture. 

7. Laura Keily

This amazing woman is the founder and also managing director of Immediate. From the very beginning, Laura’s venture has been bringing technology along with a totally new way of thinking to the legal industry.

This Australian Entrepreneur is a law specialist advocate of securities and corporations. In addition to this, she also possesses deep technical expertise in order to advise competition, consumer, construction, reinsurance, insurance, banking, and taxation law. 

In the year 2019, she was also one of the finalists of the Women in Law Awards for the Innovator of the year. Laura is a new generation inspiration for women. 

8. Dean Salakas

Dean Salakas is the name “The Party People.” In case you do not have an exact idea about it, you can just make a wild guess. Yes, it is a retail party supply chain. Specifically in Australia, it has the largest retail outlets, which offer party supplies. 

Dean is the Chief Executive Officer here, but most of the time, he is called Chief Party Dude. Apart from this, he is an e-commerce pioneer and a great speaker. In the year 2018, he also won the title of Retail Leader of the year. 

9. Sonia Gibson

Sonia Gibson is the founder and also the director of Accounting Heart. Yes, it is a chartered consulting company that helps businesses in order to manage their finance, banking, taxation, and many more. 

She herself is an excellent chartered accountant by qualification. In The year 2020, she managed to win the Women Finance Accountant of the Year award. She is one of the best business advisors and strategists. 

10. Alex Zaccaria

Alex Zaccaria is the founding name of Linktree; he is also the Chief Executive Officer here. He is also the co-founder of Bolster. You may be surprised to know that you can take his name among the young Australian entrepreneurs.

He is also the B&T 30 Under 30 Winner. Alex started his venture 4 years ago with his friends and family members, and now he managed to make it a global company that has more than 9 million users in just 4 years. 


So, these are the names of famous Australian entrepreneurs who are successfully running their ventures. Read their interviews or listen to the podcasts in order to get guidance and more energy. That does not mean that you have to follow their exact footsteps for getting success, but you can always take inspiration from their journey. 

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