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August 17, 2021

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norfolk island

Are you planning to go on a vacation to chill and try some adventurous sports at the same time? What can be more relaxing and soothing than going on a trip to Norfolk Island? The blue sky, crystal clear seawater, and sandy beautiful beach are calling to you. 

But before you start making a plan and booking your tickets, there are some things that you should know about this amazing place. When you have all the necessary pieces of information, you will be able to enjoy your trip more.

Norfolk Island

There is always confusion when it comes to Norfolk Island, and that is whether it is within Australia or not? It is an external territory of Australia. The evergreen pine is a symbol of this particular island and is also pictured in its flag.

For Norfolk Island, pine is a key export, and it is also a popular ornamental tree in Australia. Along with across the whole world. Now we will dig into some deeper information that will help you to conduct your trip pretty well. 

Norfolk Island Beach

The 32 kilometers of coastline of this island will amaze you with an array of pristine sandy beaches along with secret rocky coves, which are steeped in the history of folklore. You will get some confusing options to choose from, but there is no need to choose always when you can have them all. 

You will get sweeping shallow bay the Kingstone UNESCO World Heritage Site and also secluded coves snuggled at the base of steep cliffs, where you can discover amazing snorkeling and surfing sports. 

Best Beaches For Swimming

In case you want to first consider the swimming beaches at Norfolk Island Beach, you will get a pretty impressive list, and Emily Bay Lagoon is on the top of that list. You can enjoy splashing with your family in the crystal clear shallows. 

You will also get the option of snorkeling and exploring the life-filled coral reef in the South Pacific in protected and calm waters. Slaughter Bay is another name on the list, where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. 

Best Beaches For Sunset And Sunrise Views

Apart from being a choice able option for families, Norfolk Island is also a romantic destination for couples who are seeking some romance in the beautiful time during sunsets and sunrises. 

The sunrise at the Cemetery Beach in Kingston is something that you should not miss before exploring the rock pools. Head towards Anson bay and take a seat on the cliffs for a spectacular sunset. The orange sun sinking into the blue pacific ocean can never be forgotten. 

Norfolk Island Weather

Before you do your planning, it will be best to check the weather of Norfolk Island throughout the year. The climate of this place is subtropical oceanic. Let’s have a look at the temperature and precipitation of this place. 

Average Temperature Chart

  Months Celcius Fahrenheit
Max Min Mean Max Min Mean
January 25 19 22 77 66 71.6
February 25 20 22.5 77 68 72.5
March 24 19 21.5 75 66 70.7
April 22 18 20 72 64 68
May 20 16 18 68 61 64.4
June 19 15 17 66 59 62.6
July 18 13 15.5 64 55 59.9
August 18 13 15.5 64 55 59.9
September 19 13 16 66 55 60.8
October 20 15 17.5 68 59 63.5
November 22 16 19 72 61 66.2
December 23 18 20.5 73 64 68.9
Year 21.2 16.2 18.7 70.2 61.2 65.5

Average Precipitation Chart

Months Inches Millimeters
January 3.1 80
February 3.9 100
March 3.5 90
April 4.7 120
May 5.5 140
June 5.1 150
July 5.9 130
August 5.1 90
September 3.5 90
October 3.5 60
November 2.4 80
December 3.1 80
Year 19.6 1260

Norfolk Island Hotel

For your stay at Norfolk Island, you do not need to worry at all. Here, you will get options for all types of Norfolk Island accommodation. From enjoying your favorite cocktail at the poolside to self-containing apartments you will find all of them here. 

Here is a list of the best places for your stay in Norfolk Island. 

  • Castaway Norfolk Island. 
  • Fletcher Christian Apartments.
  • Governors Lodge Resort Hotel.
  • Paradise Hotel & Resort.
  • Seaview Norfolk Island.
  • South Pacific Resort Hotel.
  • Hideaway Retreat.
  • Auwas Island Holiday Home.
  • Girlies Holiday Home.
  • Shearwater Scenic Villa. 
  • Ahstyk Cottage. 
  • Endeavour Lodge.
  • Aloha Apartments.
  • Hibiscus Crown.
  • Daydreamer Apartments. 
  • The Crest Apartments. 

Norfolk Island Foods

After securing your staying place, you might be searching for the food options that you can try there. Well, Norfolk Island is one of the best places to try different types of food in the South Pacific. 

The organic soil of this island, along with the seasonal growing cycle, will offer youtube the freshest and tastiest food across the globe. If you are more interested in mouth-watering fresh-caught plates of seafood, you will get the taste of that cooked on an Argentinian barbecue. 

The flame grill Norfolk Blue beef cut-off is a no-miss. There are a bunch of casual dining and takeaway options. You will get the best wood-fired pizzas of the South Pacific along with other such items like big enough burgers to satisfy your appetite. 

After food, you have a handful of drinking places to explore that serve everything from award-winning wine to island-inspired creations of their local mixologists. Do not worry if you feel thirsty for some craft beer; this place has options for that as well. 

Things To Do In Norfolk Island

Apart from relaxing on the beaches, swimming in the crystal clear water, experiencing the stunning sunrises and sunsets, there are a lot of things that you should explore when you are in Things To Do In Norfolk Island. 

Here are the things for you to explore there. 

  • Stargazing. 
  • Crystal pool.
  • Cockpit Waterfall.
  • Morton Bay fig tree avenue. 
  • The fantastic 360 degrees views from Mount Pitt. 
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Area of Kingston. 
  • Take a hike on any one of the walking trails.
  • At the Sunday craft market, shop for local handicrafts. 
  • Go on a guided kayak tour around the stunning island. 
  • Visit the Saturday farmers’ market to check what’s in season. 
  • Drive your Moke around the island. 

Location: Where Is Norfolk Island?

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is between New Caledonia and New Zealand. It is 877 miles directly east of Evans Head of Australia and 560 Miles from Lord Howe Island. You will get direct flights from Sydney to the island, and it will take around 2.5 hours. 

From Auckland, it will take 1.5 hours, and Christchurch, it is 2.5 hours on a flight. 

The Best Time To Visit Norfolk Island

From October to March is the best time to visit Norfolk Island. During this duration, the sunshine is more frequent, with less rain and a more pleasant temperature variation. The warmest months, when you also can visit Norfolk Island in order to fully enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water, are January, February, and March. 

But from November to April, specifically from January to March, the Remnants of tropical cyclones sometimes affect the island. Though it is quite rainy and sometimes windy too, the month of October is the most pleasant one, with a daytime temperature around 20 degrees celsius. 

Final Verdict

I hope now you get the necessary details about Norfolk Island. You will be able to book your ticket and staying options. Also, do not forget to check the weather telecast before packing. This way, you will be able to enjoy your stay in Norfolk Island the most. Happy vacation. 

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