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Top Pawn Shop Of Australia In 2024


By Arnab  |

June 05, 2024

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Through ages of pop culture have given pawn shops a negative name. However, when it is an easy way to get a loan in exchange for an item. Most importantly, you are not bidding farewell to that item. A credible pawn shop will keep your items safe, and you can easily get them back in exchange for the amount. 

It is an emergency when you need extra cash. No one is buying a million-dollar property with pawned money! 

Therefore, pawn shops shouldn’t make you nervous. If you fear being on a foreign land exchanging items as a digital nomad, then you have reached the right place. The trust and credibility of a pawn shop will help you get rid of these cold feet. 

So, in need of some quick cash? Then here are some of the famous and trustworthy pawn shop of Australia. From getting loans using valuable items to buying valuable vintage items, they have gotten it all covered. 

Pawn Shop in Australia 

This is our curated list based on numerous customer reviews, and personal experiences.

1. NSW Quick Cash 

This store in Sydney is a family-owned shop with over 20 years of experience. If you are planning for a quick sale and want to buy it back soon then pick this one. 

It has the lowest interest rates in the area, making it a top pick for locals & tourists (here for a few days) who want fast cash for quality goods.  

2. Bradford Coins & Stamps

Located in Cairns, this shop has been running since 1980. Therefore, the age and experience are indeed proof of its credibility. For more than four decades, this pawn shop in Australia is still standing. 

Bradford Coins & Stamps focuses on rare coins and collectible stamps (some of us surely had a hobby of collecting them in our childhood, so it would be best to use them for some emergency cash). It has a competitive interest rate of 15%. Their long history means they are trustworthy and will be giving you the right value for the priceless items you bring. 

3. Sydney Pawn Shop

In the heart of Sydney, this shop offers fast loans for a variety of jewelry and other gem valuables. They are known for their fair rates and quick deals.  

Thie unique proposition is a longer return period, which eases customers about not losing their jewels forever. Therefore, solidifying its place as one of best pawn shop in Australia. 

 4. Quick Money

Their promise is to be very professional and keep things private. There is no way your item will be up for sale, if you do not want it. Especially if you are promised a return.

Quick and instant money and safe handling of things you leave with them. You can find different branches in many cities in Australia. People like us because we make money fast and safe.  

5. Melbourne Store for Loans

Right at the heart of Melbourne, this pawn shop in Australia is truly a home of credibility for their loyal customer base.  

This store is great at offering good rates for loans and giving the right worth to your special items.  

They certainly have a sense of community and take care of each item with care. It is a good spot that is customers focus. Plus, the locals love them because of the quick money help they provide. 

6. Get Money Here

Another oldest shop that loans money in Toowoomba. They help individuals and small groups by saying yes to fast exchanges and giving lower interest rates (provided the time of return is less).

Their motto is keeping their clients happy and ensuring a trusted friend for money help in this area.  

 7. Ashmore Cash Loan Store

In Queensland, Ashmore store lets you get quick money by using your old things. They have no rules when it comes to vintage items. Obviously, they will trust the genuineness of the item.

However, if it is old, with the right value they will take it. People like that they tell you the prices without hiding anything, and you can also buy used things at good prices.  

8. Cheap Pawn Shop

If you want some quick money, this is the spot for you. You can sell cheap, invaluable items and get speedy loans. 

Without judgement, and with absolute transparency, they provide good service for people who need money fast.  

9. Peninsula Money Store

In Victoria, the Peninsula store gives fast and homely service.  

They tell you the right price for your things with appropriate proof (something they have acquired for years of service as a pawn shop in Australia). 

It is a one-day service because they check and process the loan quickly. They have been known for their honesty and making customers happy for more than 20 years.   

How To Know a Pawn Shop in Australia Is Good  

Finding a good pawn shop always include keeping in mind the following:

  • Check online opinions from prior customers to see what they say. A good pawn shop has good comments about being fair and pro.
  • Be sure the shop has a license and follows the laws. Good shops get approval from big groups, which shows they are good. 
  • Look for a shop that rates items fairly based on their cost and shape. They should show you how they decide on costs. 
  • Read and know the rules of the loan, such as interest rates, fees, and payback terms. A good shop will lay these out without hiding things.  
  • Test how the staffs treat you. Nice and smart workers who help and reply to your questions are a sign of a good shop.  
  • Make sure your stuff is safe at the shop. Some shops give you a plan to guard or give you cash if stuff gets lost.  
  • Find a shop that works with your cash needs. Ensure they treat you with truth and care.  
  • Think about where the shop is and when it’s open. A good shop is in a good spot and has times that work for you.  

Final Note!  

Shops that pawn stuff help fast with money by giving loans in exchange for valuable items. Good pawn shop in Australia stand out with fair prices, clear rules, and a focus on helping clients. When you need a loan, pick a trusted store for a safe deal.

Reputation, permits, and feedback are key to choosing the right shop. Check those factors to get the best solution for your needs.  

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