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Top 7 famous Chinese Restaurant In Australia In 2024

As a digital nomad in Australia, you are likely to crave some Chinese once in a while. Yes, cooking healthy after a long time to get some therapeutic benefit from chopping onions is always the plan. However, sometimes our hunger is only satiated with some good-spicy-oily authentic Chinese dishes. Additionally, we also crave the experience of visiting some of the famous Chinese restaurants in Australia, sitting amidst the cozy decor, and proving our chopstick skills. If your next nomadic destination is the land down under, here are some of the famous Chinese restaurants in Australia that you can visit. Get the Indigenous taste of China sitting at a cafe on some unknown street in Australia. Famous Chinese Restaurants in Australia  If you are travelling to Australia, you are likely to conquer the big cities (them being popular tourist attractions). However, as a digital nomad in the country, you will traverse through cities and states for a long period. Therefore, our list will cater to both. The famous Chinese restaurants in the heart of the city, and quite ones along the countryside. So, without any further ado, let's get into our curated list of famous Chinese restaurants in Australia. 1. Donna Chang As a digital nomad in Brisbane, Donna Chang delivered a nicely timed escape from my lentils and $5 wine staples. Nestled in the heart of downtown, this high-end Chinese restaurant is modern and sleek but also traditional. The menu is contemporary Chinese with unique spins on dishes. I had the Szechuan-style calamari as a starter, and they nailed achieving the right amount of heat without overpowering the flavor. The stand-out dish has got to be the Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck; it was tender and aromatic and just shows how creative the chef can get. Donna Chang is perfect for digital nomads. Service is fast, and ambience is quite comfortable (perfect for balancing work and play). 2. Happy boy  One day, on my evening walk, I stumbled across Happy Boy, a small Chinese eatery in Fortitude Valley. I must say, its relaxed, minimalist decor makes it the perfect place for casual dining. Therefore, I had to add this in my lists of famous Chinese restaurants in Australia. I could even pull out my laptop and get on with some work.   The Happy Boy menu has a good selection of tasty, authentic Chinese dishes. They definitely satiated my craving. My favourite dish is the Kung Pao Chicken, which I always find just right in spiciness and savouriness. You can taste the fresh, high-quality ingredients in their cooking here. 3. Fortune Village Chinese restaurant  In the middle of Sydney, you’ll find a treasure trove of authentic Chinese cuisine in Fortune Village. Upon setting foot inside this restaurant, you will first notice the warm, attentive, friendly staff who will make you feel at home. The menu was full of various traditional dishes, but what I really enjoyed the most was the Peking Duck. Although, not a big duck fan, the Crispy skin and meat served in perfect thin pancakes was absolutely delicious. Also worth mentioning are Honey King Prawns. That sweet and sour taste under this tick layer of something, (I think were beaten eggs) is unforgettable. Really make you wonder how much these chefs can make with such simple ingredients. Someone knows their stuff! But Fortune Village is also convenient for digital nomads. Efficient people will serve in an not-so-disturbing environment, and you can focus on your meal or work if needed. Fortune Village combines fantastic food with a friendly atmosphere, making it one of the must-visit famous Chinese restaurants in Australia. 4. Mr. Wong  Mr.Wong gives a modern approach to traditional Cantonese food. The vintage, dimly lit, and exposed brick-walled surroundings look straight out of Victorian-era Hong Kong. The expansive menu features a wide variety of Dim Sum Platters. Tender to bite, and delectable to your taste buds. Other than that, you can also try the perfectly seasoned plate of Crispy Skin Chicken. No wonder Mr.Wong is one of the leading eating venues in Sydney. From business lunch to light supper to leisurely dinner, this place is perfect for everyone. 5. Din Tai Fung  The global sensation of Chinese cuisine, Din Tai Fung is one of the famous Chinese restaurants in Australia. It serves some of the famous flavours with an Australian flair, offering some of the best Aussie-Chinese menu. The hero dish is, without a doubt, the Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings). Each dumpling has perfectly seasoned meat and tasty, rich broth. This is for when you don't want something greasy but hearty and comfortable. Other highlights include the Spicy Wontons and the Stir-Fried Green Beans.   6. China dol  Set in the cosy town of Wharf, Woolloomoolo, China Doll blends modern design with the fruits of the sea. This famous Chinese restaurant in Australia serves authentic Chinese food, as well as a mix of Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian flavours. Crispy Pork Belly features crispy pork with a tangy sauce for perfect balance e. Kingfish Sashimi is another utterly delicious item. The fish is, again, always fresh and delicate, as if it were falling off its bones. The serene setting and efficient service make it easy to enjoy a leisurely meal or a quick lunch without compromising productivity. 7. Spice temple  Spice Temple is a modern, intimate, stylish, fine-dining Chinese restaurant. Again, it is set in the heart of Sydney, which gives a beautiful view of the waterfront. Passionate about seeking out exceptional produce from the best possible suppliers, Spice Temple is committed to providing you with the freshest ingredients. When I was there, I tried the Hot and Numbing Crispy Pork. They are crispy, tasty, and packed with a flavorful punch (Can you tell I like pork?). Most importantly, the relaxed ambience made it an ideal spot for light work or online business meetings. My Final Note! Food is one of the biggest catalyst of motivation, and increase productivity! Sometimes you need a cup of hot cocoa, while other times you will be sizzling Chinese wantons. If you are still craving the later, we hope our list of famous Chinese restaurants in Australia is of great assistance. Did you visit any of the restaurants, or are there any restaurant I missed out on? Do let us know in the comment section under. Happy dining! Read Also: Top 10 Famous Asian Recipes Restaurant In Australia 10 Best Officeworks Desks Top 10 Pawn Shop Of Australia In 2021