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June 13, 2022

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things to do in victoria

Finding yourself in Victoria as an Australian digital nomad? Great! no more picking between mountains and oceans. By being in a state like Victoria, you are getting the best of both worlds. Wondering what you should pick first? Here are a list of things to do in Victoria to enjoy the state to it fullest. Dive fully into the mesmerizing beauty of this picturesque state.

Note from traveler: It takes ten days on a car to travel from one end of Victoria to other. Therefore, our blog itinerary will be divided among things you should do in Victoria, depending on the region you are in.

Now, Victoria is one of the prominent states of Australia with Melbourne as its capital. It is located in the southeastern corner of the country, making its beaches one of the most idyllic views. It is also a hotspot of wildlife, and that old town charm. Just a few hours drive from the city, and you will be crossing the countryside scenic delights of a lifetime.

From outstanding tourist locations, to local attractions, to isolated hide outs, we have got you covered.

Here, I have shortlisted some outstanding things to do in Victoria!

Best Things To Do In Victoria In Your Upcoming Trip

In this list, you can find a lot of things to do in regional Victoria as well as the main cities. If you are a digital nomad, we would suggest taking at least 10 to 15 days to visit the whole of Victoria.

1. Melbourne

The capital is generally the first place you are likely to settle when you visit Australia. Through your full time online job, and part time passive income, you can take three to four hours to cruise around this city.

Five days are enough to make the most of your time at Melbourne. Here are a few things which you can do:

1. The City Circle Tram

City Circle Tram Melbourne

There is nothing better than getting on a city tram and going around the town. If you are a fan of history, then boarding this train will take you back to the history pages from the Victorian times of colonial Australia.

This tram moves right through the business hub of Melbourne. Plus, the journey will take you through the popular heritage spots. For example, the City Museum, Parliament House, Docklands, Federation Square, Melbourne Aquarium, and the Princess Theatre.

For a digital nomad this is a good way to check the top attractions without having to spend a ton. Yes, it is free!

2. Go For A Boating Trip In The Yarra River

Boating Trip In The Yarra River

The Yarra River boating trip is one of the famous activities that you can do in Melbourne. The Yara River flows through the heart of the city and you can witness a lot of bars, clubs, and restaurants at the banks.  You can even stop over at someplace.

As you enjoy the journey by boat, you can witness the Moomba Festival (seasonal) and the rowing regattas. So, you can always plan for this activity apart from looking for things to do in Portland Victoria.

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3. Drive On The Great Ocean Road

Drive On The Great Ocean Road

Driving can be one of the best things to do in Victoria as it has some wonderful trails. You can get a self-driven car and drive on the Great Ocean Road while on a trip. Expect to witness the white sandy beaches on the way.

To indulge in this activity, you should make sure of having an international driving license. Moreover, you can also hire a guide to accompany you throughout the trip.

This is the perfect road trip through the sea view countryside, when you are done with the city tours, and want some time

2. Goldfields & Grampians Region

Grampians Region

These two regions are a hotspot of the best natural scenes, wineries, and breweries. You can drive through the region and enjoy some of the best wildlife the country is known for.

Among the things to do in Victoria, we also mentioned a drive through the Great Ocean Road. The best part is, if you rent a car at Melbourne for a week, you can easily drive to Goldfield. Then you can drive that same car to Grampians. Then through the same route you can bring the car back to Melbourne.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the different places to visit on your route.

1. Plan A Day Trip To The Twelve Apostles

Plan A Day Trip To The Twelve Apostles

Witnessing the Twelve Apostles can be one of the best things to do in Victoria. It is located in the Southern Ocean and you can see it at the end of Victoria’s  Great Ocean Road Drive.  These are basically the limestone pillars that make the beach unique and worthy of photography.

You can easily visit this idyllic seaside location, take a guided walk through the different trails, and bath in the serenity of the site and sound.

2. Lake Eppalock

On your short road trip, you should only focus on visiting the nature’s hidden treasures from the land down under. When thinking about things to do in Victoria, keep these two places for a nature’s retreat.

Lake Eppalock could be one such retreat with the beauty of mountains surrounding you, and a blue lake. If you are there for a summer (December – February), then you could enjoy some good picnic, and barbeque.

3. Grampians National Park

You cannot end your road trip to the seaside town without visiting one of the best national parks in the country. Surrounded by spectacular rugged mountains, and green lustrous ground, you will be getting that must awaited adventure.

However, internet reception is not something you can expect. Therefore, you should plan a one day trip and preferably during the weekend to ensure you do not disrupt your online job as a digital nomad.

From silverband falls to famous Australian kangaroos, you will be seriously living that Australian wildlife dream. Even it is for a day, it should be worth it!

3. Coming Back To Melbourne

So, you have a few more days to spare? Here are a few more things you can do in the city.

1. Find Peace At The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Find Peace At The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

There is no point in searching for the things to do in Torquay Victoria as you can escape to the RBGV anytime. Yes, it is the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. At this place, you can spend time among different types of trees and shrubs.

Moreover, you can take a walk and even sit silently on a park bench. You should not miss this place if you desire to rejuvenate.

2. Do Not Miss To Reach The Top Of Eureka Skydeck 88

Do Not Miss To Reach The Top Of Eureka Skydeck 88

If you are in Melbourne, it will be an idiot’s act to miss witnessing the skyline of the city. So, you should get atop the Eureka Skydeck 88. From here, you can witness the entire Melbourne City in a bird’s eye view.

As you reach the top of this building, you get some 274 meters above sea level. You can also cross the Edge and enjoy a virtual feeling of falling down from the top.

3. Spot The Penguins In Phillip Island

Spot The Penguins In Phillip Island

The Phillip Island is near Melbourne offshore and you can get there by boat. Now, all you need to do is visit Summerland Beach after reaching this place. Here, you can watch the Penguin Parade. This can be one of the unique experiences you can have on your Victoria Trip.

4. Spend A Few Hours At The St. Paul’s Cathedral

Spend A Few Hours At The St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you are religious and desire to get that spiritual peace while on a trip to Victoria, Australia, head to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. You will surely love the place for its tranquility. Moreover, you can even listen to the prayers if you are lucky.

In case there is a church in Queensland, you can add it to the list of things to do in Queensland.

5. Have Some Fun Time At Luna Park Melbourne

Have Some Fun Time At Luna Park Melbourne

A family trip in Victoria with your kids might not be complete without a visit to the Luna Park Melbourne. Well, you can allow your kids on their own at this place. The only time for supervision shall be during the rides.

Remember, getting a ride on the roller-coaster can be one of the vital things to do in Victoria. So, try to keep keep the Luna Park in your Itinerary.

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6. Get The Fragrance Of Melbourne’s Culture At Hosier Lane

Get The Fragrance Of Melbourne’s Culture At Hosier Lane

The Hosier Lane of Melbourne is known for its street art.  So, if you are a culture enthusiast and on a trip to Melbourne, do not forget to visit Hosier Lane. You can even meet graffiti artists and watch them work if you are lucky.

Remember, this is something you might not be getting on the list of things to do in Tasmania.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Can I Spend 3 Days In Victoria?

There is an easy way to explore Victoria for three days. On the first day, you can go to the city sights. On the second day, you can go on the road trip and lastly, you can go to the parks.

2. Is Victoria, Australia Worth Visiting?

Yes, Victoria Australia is worth visiting as it contains a lot of picturesque cities and beaches. As a result, you can consider it a wonderful holiday destination.

3. Is One Day Enough In Victoria?

Given the rich locations of tourist attractions, one day might not be enough in Victoria. You need to keep at least two days for the trip.

Final Words

Australia, being an island country has its own unique type of landform and wildlife. So, you can expect to see a lot of new things while on a trip. Moreover, you can get to see a few Pacific beaches in Victoria. 

If you are in the mood to explore, you can find a few virgin beaches too. So, it can turn out to be something exclusive. As a result, a trip to Victoria, Australia can be a memorable trip for you altogether.

If you more queries or travel itineraries to add as a digital nomad then let us know in the comment section below.

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