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June 19, 2024

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fraser island

When you are planning for a vacation, and you are more of a beach person, it is obvious that you will choose Fraser Island. Islands are always a favorite for spending some time alone. Especially if you are looking for a serene destination for your next digital nomadic life in Australia, is making some 

Enjoying the sandy beaches, the clear water, the sound of the waves, and the blue starry skies is really more relaxing than anything. It can even make even make freelancing fun. Afterall, what could be better than letting your creativity flow chilling in front of the ocean. But before planning your trip, you must know some essentials about the place. 

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest island in the world, which makes it an iconic one. There is another surprise, and that is it is Heritage Listed Island As well. K’gari offers exhilarating and usual surprises at every turn. 

Apart from being the only place across the whole world where tall rainforests grow on sandbanks at heights of over 200 meters, it also consists of half of the world’s perched lakes. You will be able to feel the magic of this place.

Fraser Island Beach

When we are talking about islands, it will be incomplete if we do not talk about beaches. The most popular beach on Fraser Island is 75 Mile Beach. It is lined by a beach highway, which takes visitors around the coast. 

Along your way, you will be able to see some wild animals, like sea birds, birds of prey, and dingos. Fishing is a common sport here. However, swimming is not advisable due to the undercurrent, and large sharks are p[resent within the water. So, you have to be a bit careful. 

In case you love a bit of fancy swimming, Eli Creek is the best option for you; you also can enjoy the mesmerizing scenery. Instead of being a lake, Lake McKenzie will give you the beach vibe due to the surrounding sands. 

The freshwater body is incredibly clear, and the impossibly white sand, along with some surreal trees, will offer you an amazing view. Champagne Pools is the only beach with the ocean where it is totally safe to swim. 

Fraser Island Hotels

Staying in Fraser Island has never been a problem to the millions of visitors who are visiting the largest beach in the world every year. But it is always advised to make your booking early in order to avoid shortage of available rooms and hike in charges. 

Here are some of the best options to stay there. 

  • Eurong Beach resort.
  • Mercure Kingfisher Bay Resort Hotel.
  • Fraser Island Retreat.
  • Emeraldene Inn and Eco-lodge.
  • Mantra Hervey Bay.
  • BreakFree Great Sandy Straits.
  • Ramada by Wyndham.
  • Whale Cove Resort.
  • Boat Harbour Resort. 

Fraser Island Food

Sea and beach have a very old relationship with some exotic food and cuisine. They say the weather and activities of the sea make you more hungry and increases your appetite as well. So, when you are exploring this amazing Fraser Island, you will definitely need some names for trying delicious mouthwatering food places. 

  • Isabelle Restaurant.
  • Sand Bar and Bistro.
  • Sand and Wood.
  • Sanitary.
  •  McKenzie’s on 75.
  • The Dock Bar and Restaurant.
  • Salt Cafe Urangan. 
  • Two Duck’s Cafe and Asian Grocery.
  • Cafe Balaena.
  • Waterfront Restaurant.
  • The Boat Club.
  • Smokey Joe’s Cafe Bar and Grill.
  • Santini Pizza e Cucina. 

Things To Do In Fraser Island

In order to explore the natural beauty and enjoy your Fraser Island, there are a lot of activities to do. As I have mentioned earlier, this amazing island has surprises for you at every turn. 

Driving along 75 Mile Beach will give you one of the best feelings of being here. There are also several tourist places that you can visit within a 120-kilometer stretch approximately. The multicolor cliffs of the Pinnacles, Champagne Pools are worth a visit. 

If you make your plan between August through October, you will be able to see whales swimming through the water during their annual migration. But you have to be a bit careful about the ding and shark attacks. 

I have already described the heavenly beauty of Lake McKenzie. Though it is not safe to swim at the 75 Mile beach water due to the risks of shark attacks, you can compensate for that with the white sand and crystal clear water. 

Apart from these, there are loads of things that you can do here on Fraser Island. Here they are. 

Look for Wildlife 

When in Australia, do like the Australians do. Numerous animals, such as dingoes, sea turtles, and birds of many kinds, are exhibited on Fraser Island.

If you have an affinity for nature-related adventures, then trekking is the perfect choice when you are on Fraser Island.

Trekking in any particular park can also be an effective way to relax after a long day.

The Rainforest Walks

Stroll along tropical rainforests and have nature’s goodness wash you in absolute tranquility.

It is refreshing and calming, and it would make a good spot to take a break and meditate while surrounded by this beautiful scenery.

Float Along Eli Creek

A transparent, refreshing freshwater stream or river where you can just drift off during your weekends.

Provides relaxation and many opportunities to take and enjoy photos in a serene environment without the stress or noise.

See the Stunning View from Indian Head

As a hiker, nothing is more amusing than enjoying the view after an invigorating walk. This beauty is unlike any other hike because you get to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the surrounding terrain.

It is perfect for a short break, especially when you need a scenery change from your temporary residence. It can refresh your mind and even inspire you at work.

Climb the Dunes at Lake Wabby

This lake seems like one of nature’s most mystrious phenomena. The lake is situated on an elevated land and the other portion below the cliffs are filled with giant dunes.

This provides a view and an opportunity to move a little just to enjoy that view. After long online work hours in front of a screen, this is one of the best parts about being at Fraser Island as a digital nomad.

Explore the Maheno Shipwreck

The abandoned ferry SS Maheno is lying on the continent’s shores with a rusty cast. If you are not spooked with shipwrecks, you would love to take a dip in history. If you are bringing the Pirates of the Caribbean series after work hours, this is the place for you.

Offers a historical interest and a perspective most people would not experience, and, of course, a good photo shoot.

Location: How To Get To Fraser Island

Fraser Island is situated off the east coast of Queensland. The Great Sandy Strait separates this island from mainland Australia. And this island has no bridge, so the only way to get here is by the air or sea. 

You will get a ferry or barge from Hervey Bay. There is also an alternative, and if you love adventure, this will be more preferable. In a light aircraft, you can anytime fly over the island and can directly land on the beach. 

The Best Time To Visit Fraser Island

The very modest temperature readings make the seasons Spring and Autumn the best time to visit this beautiful Fraser Island. However, during the duration from September to November, the temperature will reach up to 23 degrees Celsius.

December through February has more outdoor activities for you to do in the sun. So, you have to decide first which is more important to you: enjoying the activities or enjoying the weather.  

Final Verdict

So, I hope now you can make your plan for the Fraser Island trip without missing a single place to visit. And you do not need to research a lot for Fraser island accommodation and having your meals. Have a happy vacation. 

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